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Content Marketing is the key to getting more business for your company or brand.  My digital and social media agency helps brands find their target customers, create valuable content for them, establish credibility and trust, and close more sales.

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Hey there, I’m Dan Sfera. I’m an entrepreneur in the biotechnology industry living in Southern California. Content marketing forever changed my clinical research business and it can for yours as well! I have started a social media agency in order to help companies and brands in ANY industry attract more business and close more sales.  My strategy revolves heavily around content marketing and social engagements with your target audience.

When I began my journey as a business owner in 2005 I had no clue what I was doing.  I was thrown into a brand new industry (clinical research) and had to learn how to market my company's capabilities through trial and error.  From 2005-2010 I was so busy working in my business, I did not have enough time to work on my business and invest in things like marketing (my idea of good marketing was cold calling prospects, sending clients embellished press releases, and creating horrible websites).


It wasn't until 2010 when I discovered content marketing through a still novel website called YouTube.  I decided to upload a video of myself explaining, to any would-be patients, what a clinical trial was and what it entailed.  Here is a somewhat embarrassing example of one of my earliest videos, bad lighting and all.

Despite how bad that video may appear today, I discovered that it was the best way to build my brand over a long period of time (as long as I was to be consistent), and it was the closest thing to cloning myself that I could come up with (the videos market for me when I sleep). 

Not only did these videos help me build my reputation and brand amongst potential study participants, but I was also attracting the attention of other clinical researchers from around the globe.  That was when I decided to create content for other clinical researchers as well, and it has allowed me to open up and partner with many more clinical research sites than I otherwise could have done on my own.

(Don't worry, we are still creating content for patients, here is a recent video we produced for a client looking to reach more Alzheimer's patients.)

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These days content marketing is my full time job

My team and I partner with clinical research site owners every month through our business development consulting firm, we train individuals on how to get started with clinical research careers through our academies, we help research clinics find more patients and physicians through digital and content marketing, we manage entire protocols through our CRO for our pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors, and most importantly for you, We can help you grow your brand through content marketing as well.

“Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up”
— dan sfera

I have personally reaped the rewards of content marketing for my businesses.  I am now able to offer my services to you for your brand or business regardless of the industry you are in.  As an entrepreneur and business operator myself, I understand that any successful company requires sales to survive.  I also understand that the easiest sales to make occur when you are not selling, but rather, when you are building your brand and establishing yourself as a respected resource that your prospects can trust on a consistent basis.  Let me help your customers find you and trust you as I have done for myself and dozens of others.  I truly appreciate you making it this far down the page, let's talk content marketing soon!   


Much love,


PS- Here is a video I did for clinical research sites on how they can use content marketing to attract more patients and physicians to their businesses.  

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